If you don’t have enough time to read up on all the many ethical issues there are to think about, why not just focus on some of the basics – like these:



There are so many great resources available on the internet; here are some of my favourite blogs and information portals:

  • (how to find cruelty-free products for home and make-up)
  • (exploring the ethical dilemmas that face consumers, with solid research and facts to help you decide what are your best options)
  • (Ethical Living magazine provided a comprehensive rating system for consumers wanting to buy the more ethical product from among a few product options  – sadly the magazine no longer is, but luckily it’s buyers guides are still available on this website)
  • (a collective of journalists, writers and bloggers whose agenda is to promote ethical and sustainable lifestyle practices… kinda like what I’m doing here)
  • (an association promoting event greening practices – besides industry news it also have some great free resources)
  • (an organic online shop with a broad range of products from food to beauty, household items and more)
  • (a cafe and store in Johannesburg, serving and stocking delicious vegan and organic foods, as well as ethical toiletries and household products – they have an online store too)
  • (lots of advice on minimalism and building a functional capsule wardrobe)
  • (a green lifestyle blog with lots of practical advice)
  • (cruelty-free lifestyle, fashion & beauty blog)
  • (an environmental lifestyle magazine,  with a special focus on vegan and palm oil-free products)
  • (a platform where you can buy green from local SA businesses)
  • (a really great sustainability consultancy, the site has resources, news, and more)
  • (a beautiful blog about sustainable living)
  • (sustainable fashion info and advice – I really recommend the 20 day sustainable fashion challenge!)
  • (the name says it all – love it!)
  • (another SA blog with a huge array of green content)
  • (find local recyclers, with an easy-to-use search by waste and where you are)
  • (great tips and recipes for natural beauty and home care products)
  • (an organic certified farm in Gauteng, offering direct sales through their online store – including a veggie box scheme)
  • (a slow living blog)
  • (this beautiful website is by a fellow South African, and explores topics around living simply, with natural home and wellness tips)
  • (tips and advice on how to cut down on your waste – all given by someone who has walked this path and knows what is do-able)

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