The following products are all available in South Africa. I have purchased and used them – these are my personal views on them.

Laundry detergent

Water filters


The product rating I have used is based on my personal and subjective opinion about the product, and not about it’s ethical status (as I do not feel equipped to do such a rating fairly). To find out more about the ethical status of any product, please refer to its brand information here.

5starReally, really, really amazing – a great product, which I would love to use again. (I hardly ever give 5 stars, so it is really special!)

4starA great product. I enjoyed using it, would recommend it to others, and would buy it again.

3starA decent product that did the job. It didn’t suit me 100%, but this is often about my specific needs and it could work for someone else, so I would still encourage you to try it.

2starI didn’t really enjoy using this product, and wouldn’t recommend it to others.

1starEek. Not really impressed at all.