Toiletry Brands

The following list are some of the toiletry brands that are available in South Africa, and which promise various benefits – such as no animal testing, and / or using organic ingredients, and / or having a social upliftment angle, as some examples. For all of them, I have purchased and used at least one of their products. You can click through to see these product reviews, under each listing.

If you would like to suggest other brands, or have additional information on any of the below, please let me know!

Africa Organics (toiletries)africa-organics-logo-sml

  • Locally produced? Yes – made in KwaZuluNatal, and all ingredients are sourced from African countries
  • Cruelty free? Yes
  • Organic? Yes
  • Vegan? Yes
  • Palm Oil? Africa Organics does not add any palm oil to their products. One of their suppliers sometimes uses palm oil instead of coconut oil, but when this happens they opt for suppliers who are members of the Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO) or are otherwise certified sustainable palm oil producers (CSPO).
  • Other? EcoCert, COSMOS & PhytoTrade Africa
  • Packaging? Recyclable
  • Additional notes: Their range is based on wild-harvested African plants. Their website says: “Wild-harvesting helps to maintain biodiversity because rural communities value the trees for the annual fruit harvest.”
  • Website:

Products reviewed: Kalahari Melon Body Lotion, Marula Shampoo

Beaucience (toiletries)beaucience-logo-sml

  • Locally produced? Yes – made in Cape Town
  • Cruelty free? Yes – but not registered with BWC
  • Organic? Oils, including extracts and essential oils, are organic
  • Vegan? No
  • Palm Oil? They are not using any palm oil in the current line. However this often changes, and in which case they have stated they will only use sustainable options.
  • Other? Their manufacturing process is Soil Association certified
  • Packaging? Recyclable
  • Additional notes: Committed to using natural ingredients. No Parabens, only natural preservatives are used
  • Website:

Products reviewed: Body Butter

Earth Sap (cleaning products & toiletries)earth-sao-logo-sml

  • Locally produced? Yes
  • Cruelty free? Yes
  • Organic? No
  • Vegan? Yes, except for some products which contain beeswax (the body butter, shaving cream, natures jelly, body lotion – milk and honey)
  • Palm Oil? No
  • Other?  –
  • Packaging? Recyclable plastic, and paper labels (no plastic or finishes on the labeling)
  • Additional notes: This product range seems very down-to-earth and authentically following good principles of sustainability – even if it can be a little un-sexy sometimes!
  • Website:

Products reviewed: Cleaning Product, Lavender & Sugar Beet Conditioner, Pomegranate & Soy Shampoo

Elli (toiletries)elli-logo-sml

  • Locally produced? Yes – made in Cape Town, , using locally produced ingredients as far as possible
  • Cruelty free? No
  • Organic? Yes (100%)
  • Vegan? No
  • Palm Oil? TBC
  • Other? LACON, PhytoTrade Africa & CECOSA
  • Packaging? TBC
  • Additional notes: Sustainable farming, natural ingredients
  • Website:

Products reviewed: Lip Balm

Enchantrix (cleaning products, pet products & toiletries)enchantric-logo-sml

  • Locally produced? Yes – made in Cape Town
  • Cruelty free? Yes (except one product with beeswax in it)
  • Organic? Not certified, but follow the standards set down by Ecocert France
  • Vegan? Yes (except one product with beeswax in it)
  • Palm Oil? TBC
  • Other? –
  • Packaging? Packaged in glass, HDPE or PET, all recyclable
  • Additional notes: Product with beeswax is not certified, cruelty free or vegan friendly, but all other products are, 100% biodegradable
  • Website:

Products reviewed: Family Conditioner (with rosemary & lemongrass)

Environmental Toohtbrush (toiletries)environmental-toohthbrish-logo-sml

  • Locally produced? No – made in Australia
  • Cruelty free? TBC
  • Organic? TBC
  • Vegan? Yes
  • Palm Oil? TBC
  • Other? Fair Trade
  • Packaging? Biodegradable brown card
  • Additional notes: The handles are made from bamboo, and are biodegradable, environmentally sustainable, and do not pollute the environment. The amazing growth and self-renewing ability of bamboo helps prevent deforestation. The bristles are made from nylon – but there is no biodegradable alternative.
  • Website:

Products reviewed: Environmental Toothbrush

Esse (toiletries)esse-logo

  • Locally produced? Yes – made in KZN, ingredients sourced from African countries
  • Cruelty free? Yes – logo not always used, but listed on BWCSA site & PETA
  • Organic? Partly – most of the ingredients are organic, and many products are certified with EcoCert
  • Vegan? Yes – accredited on all products
  • Palm Oil? Esse does not add any palm oil to their products. One of their suppliers sometimes uses palm oil instead of coconut oil, but when this happens they opt for suppliers who are members of the Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO) or are otherwise certified sustainable palm oil producers (CSPO).
  • Other? PhytoTrade Africa accredited
  • Packaging? Mostly brown glass with plastic lids – recyclable
  • Additional notes: This brand has a good CSI and invests in non-destructive farming methods. There is also some Fair Trade acknowledgement.
  • Website:

Products reviewed: Cocoa ExfoliatorCream CleanserDeep Moisturiser, Gel CleanserToner

Good Stuff (toiletries)good-stuff-logo-sml

  • Locally produced? Yes – Durban
  • Cruelty free? Yes – BWCSA
  • Organic? No
  • Vegan? Yes
  • Palm Oil? TBC
  • Other? –
  • Packaging? Recyclable plastic
  • Additional notes: Not responsive to queries I have sent through
  • Website:

Products reviewed: Coconut Water & Lime Blossom Hand Cream (The Spaaah Collection)Exxtra Care & Repair

Human Kind (toiletries)human-kind-logo-sml

  • Locally produced? No – made in Ireland
  • Cruelty free? Yes
  • Organic? According to the website, two of the natural ingredients used in some of the products are (Achmella Oleracea & Onopordum)
  • Vegan? No
  • Palm Oil? Yes – but the main ingredient supplier for Palm Oil has Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO) sustainably sourced certification.
  • Other? –
  • Packaging? Recyclable plastic & card boxes (no plastic or finishes, just natural card)
  • Additional notes: Uses mostly natural ingredients. No petrochemicals, colourants, parabens or additives. While the site talks about being kind to the environment, no details are given as to how this is done, so I am busy contacting them to find out more.
  • Website:

Products reviewed: Anti-ageing CreamDay & Night Cream

Lush (cosmetics & toiletries)


  • Locally produced? No – made in the UK
  • Cruelty free? Yes
  • Organic? Yes
  • Vegan? No – but 100% vegetarian
  • Palm Oil? TBC
  • Other?  TBC
  • Packaging? Minimal & recyclable plastic and paper – I especially love the soap being wrapped in paper. They also have an incentives programme to encourage customers to return their empty containers.
  • Additional notes: Natural ingredients; sustainable farming (removing palm oil gradually); 70% products unpreserved; hand made. Lush also supports LGBT rights
  • Website:

Products reviewed: Colour Supplement, Eyes Right Mascara, Feeling Younger Skin Tint

Naturals Beauty (toiletries & baby products)Naturals Beauty - sml

  • Locally produced? Yes – in Riebeek Valley
  • Cruelty free? Yes – not certified, but do not test products on animals, nor are any source products tested on animals
  • Organic? Yes – not certified, but use organic ingredients where possible
  • Vegan? Essential Collection, Teen, Baby and kids ranges are all vegan, but two of the mature skincare creams use beeswax
  • Palm Oil? No – they don’t use palm oil or any derivatives in any products
  • Other?  –
  • Packaging? Recyclable glass & plastic
  • Additional notes: They will happily refill for customers returning their bottles and tubs
  • Website:

Products reviewed: Rooibos Vanilla Face Creme

Nature Fresh (toiletries & supplements)nature-fresh-logo

  • Locally produced? Yes – in Cape Town
  • Cruelty free? Yes – they add: “we test on humans, but animals also use (love) our products!”
  • Organic? No
  • Vegan? No – use bee products, but do not harm the bees. All glycerine used is vegetable based.
  • Palm Oil? None used
  • Other?  Use some of their profits to support Operation Smile and 10 other charities
  • Packaging? Recyclable, and minimal packaging (no outer boxes)
  • Additional notes: The company ethos is to promote good health in a cost-effective way. On their website they write: We are vitally interested in new developments in the health industry and make it our business to source and test products that can help people in all income groups. There is a strong focus on natural products and natural wellness approaches – such as homeopathy, reflexology and naturopathy.
  • Website:

Products reviewed: Aloe & Propolis Toothpaste

Oh-Lief (toiletries)oh-lief-logo-sml

  • Locally produced? Yes – in Cape Town
  • Cruelty free? Yes
  • Organic? Yes
  • Vegan? Yes, except for products containing beeswax
  • Palm Oil? None
  • Other?  Certified by the Soil Association, on the COSMOS Natural standard.
  • Packaging? Recyclable & can refill containers at factory and receive a discount
  • Additional notes: Biodegradable ingredients; 100% natural & raw ingredients; use beeswax
  • Website:

Products reviewed: Natural Acqueous Cream

Organic Machine (toiletries)Organic Machine - sml

  • Locally produced? Yes – Centurion
  • Cruelty free? Yes – BWCSA
  • Organic? Yes – OKO-Garantie certified
  • Vegan? Yes
  • Palm Oil? No, never
  • Other? –
  • Packaging? Recyclable or reusable
  • Additional notes: Organic Machine donates monthly, in money, time and products, to charities. All ingredients are natural, 100% biodegradable, no artificial preservatives, fragrances, perfumes, colourants or parabens.
  • Website:

Products reviewed: Castile Soap

Pure Beginnings (toiletries)pure-beginnings-logo-sml

Products reviewed: Balancing Conditioner,  Eco Roll On (Forest), Eco Roll On (Fragrance Free)

The Body Shop (cosmetics & toiletries)the-body-shop-logo-sml

  • Locally produced? No
  • Cruelty free? Yes
  • Organic? TBC
  • Vegan? TBC
  • Palm Oil? The Body Shop responded to say, We would like to reassure you that 100% of our crude palm is supplied from sources certified by the Roundtable of Sustainably Palm Oil (RSPO). Some of our derivatives are also RSPO certified and we will increase these when viable sources become available. Until achieved, we will continue to buy green palm certificates which means that anything which is not certified we will pay a premium for which will be invested back to the suppliers who are farming Palm sustainably. The Body Shop believes it is better to support sustainable palm oil rather than boycott it. We hope this helps.” 
  • Other? Ethical Trading Initiative (ETI)
  • Packaging? TBC
  • Additional notes: Dedicated to social upliftment, protecting the environment, and reducing the environmental footprint of its operations. It’s worth nothing that the Body Shop’s parent company, L’Oréal, is not cruelty free and does not adhere to the same principles. Some people therefore choose not to support the Body Shop.
  • Website:

Products reviewed: Aloe Calming Foaming Wash, Aloe Soothing Moisture Lotion, CombMoisture Foundation SPF 15, 24 Hour Intense Moisture for Dry Skin – Moringa

Victorian Garden (toiletries)the-victorian-garden-logo-sml

  • Locally produced? Yes – in Johannesburg
  • Cruelty free? Yes – accredited with Leaping Bunny
  • Organic? Uses both certified and non-certified organic ingredients, as well as some natural ingredients that are not available organically
  • Vegan? Yes, except the cream products which contain beeswax
  • Palm Oil? Only in the Botanist Soap Collection, which uses a confirmed sustainable source listed with Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO)
  • Other? Registered with Cosmetic Toiletries and Fragrance Association
  • Packaging? Minimal packaging (no boxes), all recyclable
  • Additional notes: Chooses suppliers who use sustainable farming methods
  • Website:

Products reviewed: Boabab and Marula Day Cream, Eye Tissue Serum