Cleaning Brands

The following list are some of the cleaning brands that are available in South Africa, which promise various benefits – such as no animal testing, natural ingredients, social upliftment initiatives, and more. For all of them, I have purchased and used at least one of their products. You can click through to see these product reviews, under each listing.

If you would like to suggest other brands, or have additional information on any of the below, please let me know!

Kuro-Bo-Logo-smlKURO-Bō Activated Charcoal (cleaning products)

  • Locally produced? No – produced in Laos in South East Asia, although packaging is done locally. The company intends to bring the process to South Africa when they reach a sufficient scale.
  • Cruelty free? Yes – but not certified
  • Organic? It is not certified, however they have been given assurances by the supplier that there are no pesticides or fertilizers used on the branches, and they are harvested in a sustainable way.
  • Vegan? Yes
  • Palm Oil? NA
  • Other? KURO-Bō has been extensively tested by A.L. Abbott, a SANAS-accredited water & waste treatment laboratory in Cape Town. The certificate and research summary letter are available on our website attesting to all our brand promises –
  • Packaging? The KURO-Bō stick is biodegradable, as is the wood pulp or corn starch sleeve it comes in (we have just transitioned from one to the other due to a change in supplier). Many believe it incorrectly to be plastic! The cardboard packaging and the paper insert are recycled, and in turn, recyclable.
  • Additional notes: KURO-Bō is Africa’s ONLY 100% natural water filter capable of filtering, mineralising, balancing an acidic pH, as well as removing E. coli (to the level tested). All while using absolutely zero plastic! The product lasts 3 months, is cartridge-free and has the huge added benefit of a plethora of innovative and eco-friendly secondary uses once it is time to recycle the stick – an odour remover, a dehumidifier, a biocar etc! The company has also sponsored Greenpop in Zambia, donating 30 KURO-Bō Activated Charcoal sticks to keep their volunteers healthy and hydrated
  • Website:

Products reviewed: KURO-Bō Activated Charcoal

Triple Orange (cleaning products)triple-orange-logo-sml

  • Locally produced? Yes
  • Cruelty free? Yes – but not certified
  • Organic? TBC
  • Vegan? TBC
  • Palm Oil? TBC
  • Other?  –
  • Packaging? Recyclable plastic.
  • Additional notes: Simple ingredients that are not harmful to your health; biodegradable.
  • Website:

Products reviewed: Bio-Det Laundry Cream