Colour Supplement


This colour supplement is meant to be mixed into your moisturiser to give it a tint, and used instead of foundation. This is because Lush believes in a more natural look, and by using a more discreet product it’ll probably look like you’re not wearing anything (and just have really good skin). I like this idea, as I also think the less you put on your skin, the better it is for it. And I appreciate that you can adjust the intensity of the colour at any time, by adding more or less to your cream.

However – when I tried mixing this with my moisturiser, it formed lots of little clumps. I  think this had more to do with the cream I was using at that time, but to get around this I ended up putting on my moisturiser, letting it sit for a while, and then applying a thin coat of the colour supplement over my skin. Basically, as if it were a foundation.

This worked pretty well, and gave my skin a brighter, smoother look. And I got a few compliments at work. Of course, you’ll still need a concealer for problem areas, as it’s so light.

Available from: Lush

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A great product. I enjoyed using it, would recommend it to others, and would buy it again.