Cocoa Exfoliator


I absolutely loved this product.  It made my skin feel lovely, awake and fresh!

It is made with cocoa powder, and these incredibly fine granules are what gently exfoliate your face as you massage it in to your skin. (Often exfoliators feel like they’re just scratching me, and can be a bit painful, but this was really pleasant.) This also means that no micro beads are used in the product – a big plus, as these beads have been found to be incredibly hazardous for the environment.

What was also great is that I bought this in a trial starter pack, so I got to try out five different products from their range in smaller pots and at a good price. I love being able to try things like this – especially facial products – as you get to discover new things you might not have been looking for (like this). Plus it’s such a waste to buy a full product bottle only to find it really doesn’t suit your skin. (Of course, you can always give things away, so it’s not a total waste – just expensive if it keeps happening!)


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I reserve my 5 stars for only the most outstanding products…