Anti-ageing Cream


I didn’t enjoy using this moisturiser very much. When rubbing it into my face, it sometimes created little balls that didn’t absorb into my skin – especially when I applied foundation over it. And the smell was a bit strange, perhaps plant-like, although I couldn’t quite place it. I don’t mind some natural smells, but I found this one off-putting.

Another peeve I had was the container it came in. I really love the branding and packaging for this range – but this specific container is a hard plastic, and in a long, thin tube, which meant you cannot get the last bit of product out. I feel it’s such a waste if you can’t use that final 2% of the product. I know this seems like a small amount, but if this happens with each of the (presumably) thousands of bottles sold, it’s a huge waste of natural resources.

Available online from I’ve also found it at Fresh Earth in Emmarentia, Johannesburg – and they also have an online shop.

Click here to find out more about how ethical this brand is.